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50mm Fixed MP Telephoto Lens


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50mm Fixed MP Telephoto Lens

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As cameras can now capture even higher picture resolutions through the use of megapixel sensor technology and advanced processing, the lenses also need to have an optical resolution that allows the camera to work at its optimal point. These lenses provide long and reliable operation with
no maintenance. They are designed to provide detailed coverage at long distances in applications such as stadiums or perimeter monitoring.

The lenses have a standard C mount for use with a variety of cameras. They deliver impressive optical quality as a result of their ultra megapixel resolution, contrast reproduction, and coating. The mechanical construction is designed to withstand the environmental stress of surveillance installations.

For flexible, high quality, reliable lenses that match a megapixel camera’s performance, these lenses are the ideal solution.


  • Ultra megapixel optical resolution
  • Telephoto range for details at a distance
  • High quality optics
  • Reliable, robust construction

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